Springing Forward from the Inside Out

Recently, most of us in the US welcomed our annual milestone, springing forward to Daylight Saving Time. When we turn our clocks forward, once again I’m eager for full on spring and all that it brings… longer, milder days, fresh breezes coming through the windows, the glorious smell of flowers blooming.

In springtime, nature wakes up and rejuvenates itself.

  • It stops snowing on us.
  • It starts budding flowers for our delight.
  • It perfumes the air differently.
  • it gifts us with more sunlight and longer days.
  • It lessens our time under the stars with shorter nights.
  • It continues to show off with breathtaking sunsets.

Nature does its own version of spring cleaning. It’s just the natural rhythms of things.

And we tend to do the same, don’t we?

We wash windows to let more sunlight in. We reorganize the garage, moving bikes and paddleboards forward for easier access. We buy seeds for the vegetable garden we’re planning. We swap out our winter sweaters for lighter, brighter options to wear.

As I freshen things up around my home, I naturally find myself doing a bit of inner spring cleaning as well.

I ask myself about habits I’ve gotten comfortable with and want to discontinue, and about those I’ve left behind and want to reengage with. I think about ways I might spend my time differently. I take note of what’s working in my life, the practices that would be wise to continue.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reworking my goals and my daily/weekly schedule to be able to meet them. I’ve stopped staying up late and restarted getting up early and journaling. I’m planning ways to safely spend more time with family and friends after a very long year of separation. And as always, I pledge to get outside more.

More simply, I take advantage of this ideal time for new beginnings, inside and out.

What would your version of personal spring cleaning be? How would you like to reemerge from winter hibernation? Are there areas of your life you could consider sprucing up a bit?

If this resonates with you and you’re up for making some much-needed changes, here are some great questions to help you get started…

  • What could I stop doing?
  • What could I start doing?
  • What could I do differently?
  • What could I do more of?
  • What could I do less of?
  • What could I continue doing?

It’s your opportunity to shake off those winter cobwebs and let the sunshine in!