Our lives are full of distractions. There are endless messages telling us why we don’t have enough time, money, courage, know how, fortitude, intelligence – or a trunk load of other reasons – why we can’t or shouldn’t take a risk, try something new, or follow our dreams. We’re warned, subtly and not so subtly, against stepping off the path to create our own way.

And for the most part, we believe those messages. Then we join forces to create stories about how we simply aren’t enough or don’t have enough to be able to go for it.

Often, it’s just too loud to hear that little voice coming from way down inside, saying, I want to… take that trip, change careers, have a baby, parachute out of a plane, say I love you, move somewhere warmer, create art, earn a degree, learn a new language, break that habit, or start my own business.

So, we tamp down the longing, put aside the dream (or worse, we deny it), and move on with our daily lives. And time continues to pass. 

That’s where I come in.

As a certified Life, Career & Leadership Coach, I’m all about comfort-zone-boundary-stretching! I help turn possibility into reality!  

I had a dream like that. A calling to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. I thought about that trip for ten years before I made it happen in 2019. I really got tired of hearing myself say… “Next year.” Then I stopped saying it, and I did it.

What’s YOUR Camino?

If you’re getting tired of hearing your own procrastinating voice (or maybe you can’t even hear it anymore), I invite you to join me in stretching boundaries. I invite you to challenge whatever has kept you comfortable or confined or afraid for years and bring whatever it is to fruition.

I hope I’ve sparked your curiosity enough to explore further. Perhaps we’ll have an opportunity to meet along the way and you’ll consider letting me walk beside you, helping you step fearlessly into possibility!

All my best, Marie Bankuti

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  • Marie is a brilliant and inspiring coach and leader. Our meetings were focused, productive, fun and always seemed effortless which indicates her skill. I would strongly recommend Marie to any company or individual looking for a Leadership/Career coach. She will help motivate and inspire you to develop your career and life in a special and positive manner.

    — Sugata Das, Program Manager, Agile Consultant
  • It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was the most refreshingly different program that I have ever undergone. Throughout my interactions with Marie, I have always been impressed by her deep insights into leadership. In every session I have found her to be captivating, engaged, courteous and professional. I have benefited immensely from the experience and would not hesitate to recommend Marie for her leadership and coaching skills.

    — Pramod Chalil Madayambeth, Senior Project Manager