Clients: Testimonials

  • Sugata Das
    Program Manager, Agile Consultant
  • Marie is a brilliant and inspiring coach and leader. I had the privilege to attend one of her Leadership/Career development programs and found it immensely helpful. Our meetings were focused, productive, fun and always seemed effortless which indicates her skill. I would strongly recommend Marie to any company or individual looking for a Leadership/Career coach. She will help motivate and inspire you to develop your career and life in a special and positive manner. I am looking forward to work with her again in future.

  • Pramod Chalil Madayambeth
    Senior Project Manager
  • It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was the most refreshingly different program that I have ever undergone. Throughout my interactions with Marie, I have always been impressed by her deep insights into leadership. Her ability to come up with suggestions to resolve any situation provides an insight into the depth and breadth of her leadership experience. In every session I have found her to be captivating, engaged, courteous and professional. I have benefited immensely from the experience and would not hesitate to recommend Marie for her leadership and coaching skills.

  • Kannan Ganesan
    Program Manager
  • I have worked with Marie as my coach. It was tremendous journey of transformation for me. Marie brought the expertise to make me feel energetic and motivated towards my goals as one would expect from a coach. The best part is, she helped me to unleash my potential, so much so that I was amazed what I’m capable of. More importantly, Marie helped me to identify challenges which were so fundamental, when I started working on it, I have experienced an overarching effect on all walks of my life, both personally and professionally.

  • Jigar Shah
    Program Manager
  • Marie is highly skilled, outstanding and an incredible coach. I had the privilege of working with her on the training “Elevate – Coaching” through my company. The whole journey for me was amazing. We had a very healthy and meaningful discussion in our sessions. She is clear in her thoughts and helped me out in outlining and aligning with my goals. She has powerful communication skills and makes the discussion fun and enjoyable. The best thing about her coaching was, whatever we discussed I used to implement in my day to day tasks and could see the difference. She was highly committed to the sessions and encouraged me a lot.

  • Yegor Filonov
    Business Analyst
  • In a very delicate yet persuasive manner Marie helped me to overcome doubts and allow myself a broader look, to accept the possibility of what seemed impractical or even impossible, to gain the courage for change. I’m delighted to recommend Marie as a highly skilled Coach, a real professional, and a great person.

  • Anca Bieru Robinson
    Project Manager
  • I participated in the Leadership Program that Marie organized for a group of professionals in our company and I was totally charmed by Marie and her coaching style. She is very well organized, knows how to adapt and change the content of her program based on the group she’s working with and the feedback she receives. We had both group and one on one coaching sessions and one thing is for sure – she definitely knows how to facilitate a meeting and make people contribute and interact in a constructive way. On a personal level she helped me become more aware about my leadership style and areas I need to work on. During our one on one coaching session she shared with me very useful tips and tools that I continue to use. She’s an excellent coach to work with and I highly recommend her!

  • Ana Chandra
    Product/Portfolio Management, Business Consultant
  • Marie impressed me with her knowledge of coaching elements and the way she guided me through the journey of discovering and empowering client partner relationships. Her coaching brought many implicit and explicit changes in me that resulted in a lot of tangible success for a very big customer project! Marie constantly motivated me to take on bigger and newer challenges and never to give up or to take the easy way out. It was a pleasure to take the coaching sessions with Marie and I would definitely recommend Marie for coaching needs!

  • Sai Puvvada
    Account Manager
  • I approached Marie’s Elevate coaching program with “unfounded” skepticism, not sure what to expect being a first of its kind. During the course of the coaching program, I was pleasantly surprised with the openness, trust and great communication that ensued. Very subtly, Marie was guiding me to my positives to reinforce the positive spirit and energy and be aware of the mental “locks”. Great experience and I would definitely recommend her coaching sessions to everyone.

  • Shalini Mohan
    Implementation Lead
  • BEST COACH EVER! I have found my coaching with Marie to be extremely valuable for a number of reasons. We set our goals early on in the process and kept them in our sights as we engaged on the many issues that popped up along the way. Marie timed the coaching perfectly to enable complete success of those goals. I am beyond thrilled with the results that she has helped me to achieve in both my professional career and my personal life.

  • Sudhish Kumar
    Program Manager
  • Having Marie as my career coach was one of the best and important thing that happened in my career. During the coaching program she provided valuable insights and techniques to manage my professional career. She is very personable to work with and gets very creative in providing you with ideas and workable solutions to your everyday problems in your professional life. Thank you, Marie!

  • Elvis Joseph
    IT Manager
  • Marie is very passionate about what she does and also ignites the passion in you to become a better leader. Her commitment and integrity kept me engaged and more active during the sessions. I am so impressed with her style of coaching that I have started adopting some of them at my work place. I give due credit to her for that. It was a pleasure knowing you and working with you!

  • Srithika TM
    Senior Manager, Leadership Development
  • Marie has offered our organization her coaching services including consulting advice on the design and development of the program. Her superlative levels of commitment, enthusiasm and intelligence is an asset to any organization that she chooses to serve. She has connected with more than 120 associates and has done complete justice to each one of them. The feedback has been intensely positive. Her professionalism, intellect, genuine appreciation of multiple perspectives and open mindedness is inspiring.

  • Yves Venditto
    Senior IT Consultant/Analyst
  • Marie is dedicated and very talented. She made me a better person for sure. She’s forever been a fantastic coach to me, inside and outside the workplace. She is one of a kind!

  • Sandeep Sharma
    Enterprise Data Architect
  • Marie is a dynamic and results-oriented instructor with a strong people-focused personality, excellent communication skills. She is a highly professional Training Consultant, Coach and Facilitator.

  • Atif Ali Khan
    Senior Strategy Manager
  • I have been fortunate to work with Marie through Cognizant’s Elevate training program. She was my mentor/coach for the training program. Marie is a dynamic and results-oriented instructor with a strong people-focused personality, excellent communication skills. She makes the entire training program very structured and methodical. She believes in seeing improvement in people and takes great interest in adding value to the person and the process.

  • Meera Shanaaz Aneez
    IT Solution Owner
  • This has been one of the best “training” sessions I’ve attended, and she was great. She exhibited incredible expertise, she was very personable and great coach. I can say the coaching sessions with Marie has been one of the turning points in my career. She is great to work with.

  • Jegan Gomangalam
    Program Manager/VP
  • Marie was my coach as part of Elevate initiative. This is one of the best training that I had in my career. Her approach and knowledge towards coaching pulls you quickly into the program and it opens up lot of ideas/improvements towards people management and leadership skills. She is an expert with coaching and is creative in getting the results. I will strongly recommend her for coaching programs.

  • Onna Kung
    Portfolio Planning & Governance Manager
  • Marie was a leadership coach brought in to help a selected group of us grow and explore our leadership potential at Starwood Hotels. Over the course of three months, she led our small group of 11 on a combination of individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions, as well as larger group discussions. When you go on this leadership coaching journey with Marie, be prepared to discover and confront uncomfortable parts of yourself, it will provoke a lot of reflection and that is the intended result. You will also gain a deeper understanding and form improved relationships with those who are along for the journey with you.

  • Souradip Baidya
    Client Relationship Management, Business Development
  • It was a great experience to come in contact with Marie through the Elevate program. The process of discovering self is simply mind-blowing. In addition to her professional demeanor Marie brought a lot of personal touch in her coaching techniques and went above and beyond her call of duty. Marie has amazed me with her patience, pleasing personality and her empathetic coaching techniques in boosting my self-confidence.

  • Gauri Kondhawekar
    Technology Strategy and Process Improvement
  • Marie is an excellent Coach. Her advice was very practical and extremely useful. A year after our sessions, I still remember her tips and as a result, I’ve experienced progressive success in my career.

  • Pushkarraj Deshpande
    IT Program Management, Solutions Architect
  • I feel privileged to have Marie Bankuti as my leadership coach. She is passionate about working with emerging leaders and mold her style to suit individuals she is coaching. Marie is very compassionate and focused to address your needs and make you successful. I continue to remember her calm voice and the learning I had from those sessions, I keep going revisiting them every now and then. I strongly recommend Marie to anyone who is looking for a career coach.


  • Reshma Patel
    Project, Program & Portfolio Management
  • Marie, is an excellent leadership coach! She is very thoughtful in her explanations and her real life examples / stories she used helped our team build a stronger connection. The 1×1 sessions felt very therapeutic and really opened my perspective to hone in on how I can take my leadership style to the next level. I was able to take what we talked about and directly apply these lessons at work and at home, which holistically helped me both professionally and personally.

  • Praveed Mullassery
    Digital Asset Management Lead
  • Thank you is not the word to say to you Marie. In fact, I have no words… what you shared with our team was priceless!!


  • Javier Borrero
    Independent Business Owner
  • Since Marie is my coach, my mind has opened up new possibilities for personal and professional development. She has used techniques and methodologies that have given me aware of my abilities in leadership issues. Each time I discover that my achievements are limitless and all in great part to the exercises, materials and time she dedicates. I personally recommend Marie as a professional guide and friend.

  • Jeffrey A. Jacobson, CPCC, PCC
    Senior Leader CTI, Personal and Professional Life Coach
  • Marie strikes an amazing balance between a huge zest for life/work and patient leadership. I have personally witnessed Marie challenging everyone around her to reach for their best personal attributes in order to create effective change. She is able to do so with charm, inspiration and an acute intelligence that is rare. In group settings she is a strong contributor while still honoring the overall group direction. She is a strong listener, maintains her own personal authority and is able to collaborate with an endless variety of leadership styles in different situations. She coaches equally well in one-on-one environments and groups, empowering people to bring forth their best qualities in order to achieve results and build solid alliances.

  • Elizabeth Buckley
    International Trade & Development Consultant
  • Marie has the gift and ability to meet you where you are at and journey with you; while offering perspective for reflection, and proposing pathways of clarity. She provides outstanding insight and tailors each session to the exact needs of her clients. Her background and experience allow her to lead and guide each client to a new level of courage, purpose, and empowerment. It was a pleasure and fruitful experience working with her and I am thankful for each experience.

  • Bob Louton
    Program/Project Manager & Scrum Master
  • As a co-manager of a PMI roundtable in the Boston area, I’m always looking for people with practical experience and time-tested perspective to enrich our members as they strive to develop their discipline and skills in project management. Marie’s comments on a professional blog about leadership struck a chord. I reached out and invited her to lead a roundtable meeting. What she brought to the meeting was fantastic. There was such clarity in the understanding she imparted. She was comfortably engaging with participants, disarming in her manner, and approachable at all times. Her depth on leadership is far beyond first and second impressions. In just 45 minutes, I learned a ton—and learned in a way I can internalize and apply. Marie has the brain of an executive and the heart of a teacher.

  • Marilena Dolan
    Business & IT Leader
  • I hired Marie to come in and coach a number of project management professionals on my team, along with a small group of executives. She did an excellent job of building a tailored program that involved personalized individual coaching sessions and weekly group sessions for interactive learning. During all the sessions, Marie asks thought-provoking questions that force individuals to really dig deep and go after the areas that need the most help for them to grow professionally and personally. She held people accountable for the goals that they set for the program. The results speak volumes. As a manager of people, it was obvious that people were trying hard to apply new ways of thinking and doing things. Behaviors were changing over time too. I highly recommend Marie’s coaching services for individuals that are open and willing to participate.

  • Tim Simons
    Senior Director, Business Partnership & Planning
  • Marie provided executive coaching to a large group of managers, directors, and senior leaders at Starwood. What distinguished Marie from her competitors was her willingness to tailor her program to our needs. Her program included self-study, personal reflection, group sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching. I found that her focus on practical steps that one can take to improve effectiveness to be extremely worthwhile. She exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Marie!

  • A. John Morrison
    Brand Builder & Presentation Specialist
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Marie during her presentations at several of the Roundtable Forums sponsored by the Mass Bay Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Based upon my personal experience seeing how she effectively works the room in keeping her audience engaged, I can and do recommend Marie highly as a public speaker and presenter. I recommended her as a speaker for our Chapter’s Seventh Annual Professional Development Day – our chapter’s annual marquee event. To be highly knowledgeable on the topic of leadership and influence is one thing. But to be able to transfer that knowledge in a way that leaves the audience wanting more… even when the time is up… well… that’s pretty special. As a coach and trainer, I recommend Marie without hesitation.

  • Patricia Buickerood
    Senior Director of Project Management Office
  • I engaged Marie to give the Help Me Help You! Workshop for the Harvard University Project Management Community and it was very well received. The majority of the participants felt that Marie taught them new skills they could apply to their work. This is well worth your time.

  • Theresa St. John-Siegel
    Operations Manager, Yoga Instructor
  • Working with Marie has helped me to move past blocks that have tripped me up for years. She has challenged me to alter patterns that do not serve me, encouraged me to have greater faith in my own abilities, and helped me to remain engaged in a process that has overwhelmed me in years past. With her assistance I have been able to articulate a vision of the type of work that inspires and interests me and to begin to imagine the process for making this vision a reality. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy working with her. She infuses her coaching with wit, wisdom, play and humor!

  • Steven Sebestyen
    Owner, Apex Consulting
  • In addition to her uncanny ability to explore limitless perspectives to create the best solutions, Marie has an exceptional talent in bringing out the best in others. I can recall countless projects and circumstances where Marie was able to deftly architect solid solutions to complex problems while engaging, motivating, and inspiring participants, customers, and subject matter experts far beyond expectations. Coupling this all-too-rare ability to bring out the best in the “projects” and the “people” with Marie’s steady professional demeanor and unwavering dedication made her an absolute “go to” person for me.

  • Dave Krasnow
    Senior Project Manager
  • Marie really understands the purpose behind her projects and how it helps the organization, and she uses that to produce superior results with very high user satisfaction. This is a great skill! Marie is smart, driven, dedicated, believes in doing every job right, and is a pleasure to work with.

  • Emily Emilfarb
    Project Manager/Consultant
  • In every role Marie is always a consummate professional – knowledgeable about her role, proficient in her technical skills and ever attentive to the customers and the business she supports. She is energetic, dedicated, detail-oriented and smart. I would welcome Marie in any capacity on any project I have to deliver.

  • Malcolm Pereira
    Assistant Project Manager
  • It was a privilege to work with Marie, her expertise and insights were pivotal in my development as a team lead and the projects I have executed. She is a true professional with exceptional leadership and people management skills, a Coach and a good mentor.

  • Ramesh Padmanabhan
    Account Executive
  • I have had the privilege of having Marie as a Life / Career Coach. My sessions with her were always informative. Marie brought a fresh perspective on things we take for granted both professionally and personally. Her approach to these sessions were always aimed at helping me uncover my hidden potential, areas of improvement, etc. Marie has a very collaborative approach to these sessions. As my sessions with her progressed, I found that she found ways I could improve as an individual, without making me question / challenge my core beliefs. I value these sessions very much, and would recommend Marie to anyone who wishes to enhance their personal and professional outlook.