Coaching: Career Coaching

Whether you’re in transition by choice or by circumstance, undertaking a career search can seem complex and overwhelming. The job market is in constant change and so are career search trends and techniques.

I will work closely with you to build on strengths, increase confidence, refine skills, employ tools, and successfully market yourself for whatever is next in your career.

My most popular programs are listed below. That said, everything I do is customized, and I’ll work with you in support of whatever areas you have the most need, creating a program just for you. The following programs can be combined with any of my other individual coaching programs.

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Three-Month Career Transition Program

It’s for you if you’re looking to:

  • Transition to another career, or to another role within your already chosen career
  • Leverage your values, strengths, and experience to enhance your career search
  • Identify your ideal role, aligning what you want to do with what you can do and what the market will hire you to do

We will focus on:

  • Self-awareness: values, strengths, passions, experience, education, gaps, etc.
  • Creating a plan of action and determining how to best market yourself
  • All the nuts and bolts of a successful career search:
    • Resume
    • LinkedIn Profile
    • Cover Letters
    • References
    • Self-Introduction
    • Online Presence
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Networking
    • Interviewing
    • Working with Recruiters
    • Assessing/Negotiating Offers
    • Stress Management/Self-Care
    • Tracking and Follow-up

What it includes:

  • Seven Zoom video conference calls scheduled over 60 days
    • Week 1 (90 minutes); Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 (60 minutes each)
  • Fully customized program that meets your specific needs
  • Tools for self-assessment and self-awareness
  • Resume and LinkedIn review and feedback
  • Coaching on topics listed above
  • Tips, tools, templates, and best practices for a successful search
  • Pre-work questionnaire and homework between sessions
  • Unlimited email communication, as needed
  • Coaching for interview preparation, debrief, skill refinement
  • 50% off any public workshop that takes place during your program months


Two-Month Career Transition Program

It’s for you if you’re interested in:

  • The same components offered in the Three-Month Career Transition Program
  • “Gearing up” for your career search at a faster pace
  • Investing a substantial amount of time each week to dedicate to the process

We will focus on:

This program has the same focus as the Three-Month Career Transition Program

What it includes:

This program includes all the same components as the Three-Month Career Transition Program, except there are two fewer Zoom calls (5 not 7).

  • Week 1 (90 minutes); Weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 (60 minutes each)

Note: This program is condensed into 8 weeks with the majority of time being spent on creating search collateral (resume, LinkedIn profile, reference list, cover letter, self-introduction, etc.). Thus, ongoing coaching for interview prep, practice, debrief and marketing strategies is one month shorter than the Three-Month Career Transition Program.

Contact me here when you’re ready to explore working together.