Coaching: Career Coaching

Whether you’re in transition by choice or by circumstance, undertaking a career search can seem complex and overwhelming. The job market is in constant change and so are career search trends and techniques.

I will work closely with you to build on strengths, increase confidence, refine skills, employ tools, and successfully market yourself for whatever is next in your career.

My most popular programs are listed below. That said, everything I do is customized, and I’ll work with you in support of whatever areas you have the most need, creating a program just for you.

Schedule a Career Clarity Call with me. Let’s chat about your personal career goals, what’s standing in your way, and how to start making them happen.  No fee, no obligation!

3-Month Career Transition Program

It’s for you if you’re looking to:

  • Transition to another career, or to another role within your already chosen career
  • Leverage your values, strengths, and experience to enhance your career search
  • Learn techniques, strategies, and best practices for how to land your ideal role
  • Identify your ideal role, aligning what you want to do with what you can do and what the market will hire you to do

What we’ll focus on:

We will co-create a program customized for you and your specific needs. We may cover any or all of the following, based on your goals and career search experience.

  • Taking inventory of your skills, strengths, experience, education, and gaps
  • Increasing your self-awareness around your values, passions, and brand
  • Determining your value proposition and how to best market yourself
  • Shifting perspective and easing the stress around networking
  • Building your self-confidence to interview like a rock star!
  • Creating a plan and putting it all into action
  • All the nuts and bolts of a successful career search:
    • Resume
    • LinkedIn Profile
    • Cover Letters
    • References
    • Self-Introduction (pitch)
    • Online Presence
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Networking Strategy
    • Interviewing Skills & Preparation
    • Working with Recruiters
    • Negotiating & Assessing Offers
    • Stress Management & Self-Care
    • Tracking & Follow-up
    • Onboarding & Career Management

What’s included:

  • Total of six Zoom video Coaching Sessions:
    • Discovery Session (90 minutes)
    • 5 Regular Coaching Sessions (1 hour each)
  • Fully customized program that meets your specific needs
  • Tools for self-assessment and self-awareness
  • Resume and LinkedIn review, feedback, and refinement
  • Coaching for interview preparation, debrief, skill refinement
  • Tips, tools, templates, and best practices for a successful search
  • Pre-work questionnaire and intrasession assignments
  • Unlimited email communication and quick booster calls during your program

What happens if you land a role before the 3 months is over?

First, we celebrate!!  Then, we’ll use the time remaining in any way you’d like to! You’ll still have the remaining sessions to use for coaching to get off to a strong, successful start, adding value right away. Use those sessions for onboarding, leadership or professional development coaching, or use them for more personal, life coaching type discussions.


Resume (Re)write Program

It’s for you if you’re looking to (re)write your resume and…

  • You’ve never written a resume and don’t know where to begin
  • You haven’t updated your resume in a while and need assistance
  • You don’t know current trends for formatting, level of detail, what to include, etc.
  • You’re worried about agism and how to present yourself
  • You’re looking to transition to another line of work and need help pivoting

What’s included:

  • A fully (re)written resume that powerfully represents you, differentiates you, gives you confidence, and makes you shine!
  • Total of three Zoom video Coaching Sessions held over a 2-week period, focused on creating a powerful resume to reach your career search goals:
    • Discovery Session to explore your professional goals, experience, education, skills, and other factors relevant to creating your best resume (90 minutes)
    • Draft Review Session to discuss approach and make adjustments (60 minutes)
    • Final Review Session to refine and add finishing touches (30 minutes)
  • Guidance on current trends for how to best present yourself through formatting, powerful wording, keywords, and what things to include and exclude
  • Best practices to minimize challenges around agism, changing careers, or positioning yourself for the next step up in your career

This is NOT simply reformatting your last resume!

What you’ll need to do:

  • Have time in your schedule to focus on making the most of the 2-weeks (we will email between sessions to answer questions and provide additional information)
  • Provide your most up-to-date resume if you have one
  • Complete a pre-coaching questionnaire to maximize our work together
  • Be prepared for each session with whatever is needed to get the job done

Optional LinkedIn Review Session:

Add a LinkedIn Review Session for suggestions on how to put your best foot forward online, attract more recruiters and hiring managers, build your brand and visibility, and network more effectively.

Contact me here when you’re ready to explore working together.