Work With Marie: Speaking

I specialize in corporate off-sites and industry conferences and chapter events, with speaking programs that combine my experience and insights developed over years in corporate America, as well as through coaching and training hundreds of individuals and groups.

I share tips and strategies around building awareness, developing skills, and growing professional relationships, all to ease the challenges experienced by foreign-born professionals and those who work with and manage them.

My most popular topics are described below, but if your organization needs something different, just let me know! All programs are customized for each engagement.

For availability and speaking fees, please contact me here.

Leading Multicultural Teams: Developing Your Cultural Intelligence

Are you managing a team of individuals from different countries, different cultural backgrounds? While research shows that diversity on teams is highly beneficial to creativity, effectiveness, and bringing out the best in each team member… if you aren’t comfortable working with and managing the various approaches, it can feel like you’re working in a foreign land yourself. Cultural nuances around directness, formality, assertiveness, body language and the like, can lead to false assumptions about motivation and engagement, often resulting in decisions that further alienate. Performance can suffer, individually and as a team.

In this interactive session you’ll:

  • Gain insights into different cultural norms and values in business
  • Develop confidence working with and leading folks from different cultures
  • Understand how to access, appreciate and leverage cultural differences
  • Become comfortable with different accents, gestures, body language
  • Support your team members and their interactions with less struggling

Improving Multicultural Communication

Does your team struggle with communication due to different cultural backgrounds? Are differences in terminology, accents, gestures, body language, or styles presenting challenges? Could clearer interactions prevent issues like missed deadlines, unclear requirements, disagreements? Not sure how to make that happen?

In this interactive session you’ll:

  • Learn how to successfully transcend differences in terminology, accents, gestures and body language, and create a common “team language”
  • Become more comfortable identifying and addressing communication challenges
  • Learn tips on how to better work with folks from different cultures
  • Reduce miscommunication mishaps, rework and lost opportunities
  • Develop a stronger team alliance based on greater understanding