Work With Marie: Individual Programs

I’ve worked with hundreds of foreign-born professionals over my career; side-by-side as well as managing them during my 28 years in corporate Information Technology; and as a Coach since 2008, assisting them in career and leadership development here in the U.S.

My most popular focus areas are listed below. That said, everything I do is customized, and I’ll work with you in support of whatever areas you have the most need.

Contact me here when you’re ready to explore working together.

Leadership for Foreign-Born Professionals

Struggling with how to position yourself for corporate Leadership roles in the U.S.? Unsure about how to gain more visibility and recognition? Does it sometimes seem as though you’re not quite fitting in with corporate USA? A fish out of water? There may be cultural differences that could, unknowingly, be blocking your opportunities and success.

This program will help you:

  • Identify cultural differences that may be holding you back from career growth
  • Gain direct insight into your leadership effectiveness through the Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment
  • Develop your individual leadership style, while maintaining your cultural integrity
  • Utilize tools and techniques to increase leadership presence and confidence

Building Relationships with Ease for Foreign-Born Professionals

One thing that becomes more and more clear as we progress in our careers is the idea that, really, it’s all about the relationships. But relationship building doesn’t come naturally to everyone, especially when you’re coming from another country and culture. Different behaviors, perceptions, customs and levels of formality can make navigating those connections feel awkward or overwhelming.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn about cultural differences that may be stifling connections
  • Gain everyday small-talk ideas that help initiate and build relationships
  • Overcome networking challenges with simple, effective tips
  • Develop confidence in sharing your own story and culture
  • Identify and nurture relationships beneficial to your career

Leading Multicultural Teams

Multicultural: of, relating to, or constituting several cultural or ethnic groups within a society

Are you managing a team of individuals from different countries, different cultural backgrounds? Diversity on teams is highly beneficial to creativity, effectiveness, and bringing out the best in each team member. Yet, if you aren’t comfortable with how to work with and lead the different approaches, it can feel like you’re working in a foreign land yourself. The differences can become magnified, the team can feel disjointed and out of sync, resulting in miscommunication, rework, missed deadlines, disgruntled team members, and frustration for everyone.

This program will help you:

  • Gain insights to different cultural norms and values in business
  • Develop confidence in working with folks from different cultures
  • Understand how to access, appreciate and leverage cultural differences
  • Become comfortable with different accents, gestures, body language
  • Support your team members and their interactions with less struggling

90/90 2018

February 2018 marks 10 years for Tether Free Vision! I’m celebrating this year by offering a special 90-minute coaching session for $90. Time for just you!

  • Focus on what you want to create for yourself in 2018
  • Gain clarity about your values and how to set goals to align with them
  • Create step-by-step actions to get you there
  • Develop a process to put your plan into action!
  • Includes pre-session questionnaire