What’s Your Camino?

In 2019, when I walked the Camino de Santiago, a nearly 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. I fulfilled a dream I’d had for nearly a decade.

Up until then I couldn’t seem to make it happen. Not enough money or time, too much work, not enough work, family obligations, etc. In other words, life kept getting in the way. More accurately, I kept letting life get in the way. I told myself I couldn’t take five weeks off from my business, clients, personal matters, financial responsibilities, on and on.

Then one day, having gotten so sick of telling myself, “someday”, I decided to make it happen. I didn’t know how, and you know what? It didn’t matter. I just knew I was going to do it.

Once I had made that decision everything changed. As they say, the universe conspired to support me.

Ideas came to mind, people who had already walked the Way showed up in my life, circumstances shifted, and possibilities appeared. Piece by piece it fell into place. Something that seemed nearly impossible was going to happen. Simply by making the decision, taking the first step, and trusting myself.

I re-learned, in a very powerful way, something I’d known before but hadn’t experienced to this degree.

We cannot – and should not – wait for the perfect moment and circumstances to appear. When we do, they don’t. We can’t wait to have all the answers and know-how. It’s not just a cliché to say life is too short. The moments become days, then weeks, then years, then a lifetime.

It’s our responsibility to create our own life experience. It’s on each of us to challenge limitations, grow ourselves, conquer fears, and do the things our heart and soul long to do. Whatever that is for you.

Many of you came along with me on that journey. It was special for me to share the sights and experiences each day. Your responses to my posts offered much inspiration.

After coming home, I asked myself… WHY did I wait so very long to do this?

From that point on I decided not to let that happen again. I also decided to do whatever I could to help others benefit from my learning. To help folks see that it CAN happen. And not only that it can happen… it NEEDS to happen!

So, what’s YOUR Camino?

What’s the secret (or not so secret) desire you’ve held in the back of your mind or in your heart for years? The dream you may not have ever spoken about to anyone, maybe even yourself.

What is the…

  • trip you want to take
  • career change you want to make
  • book you want to write
  • fear you want to conquer
  • baby you want to have
  • plane you want to jump from
  • message you want to speak
  • business you want to start
  • language you want to speak
  • place you want to live
  • art you want to create
  • hike you want to complete
  • love you want to find
  • degree you want to complete
  • garden you want to plant
  • experience you want to have
  • difference you want to make

It’s there inside you, whispering, maybe even screaming. Yet, you’re unable to imagine how to make it possible. Allowing yourself to feel it might even hurt a bit to think it may never become a reality before your days are through. What have you told yourself you can’t do, and at the same time, you CAN’T let go of?

THAT is YOUR Camino!

Isn’t it way past time?  Don’t wait any longer!

Make the decision. Take that first step. Trust yourself.