Shared Experiences: Yegor Filonov

Yegor Filonov came to the U.S. from Russia 13 years ago in the aftermath of perestroika, a political reformation movement within the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He’s now a Business Systems Analyst in the Greater Boston area.

When asked what he enjoys most about being in the U.S., Yegor says, “Ethnic diversity. I meet people from all corners of the world. I learn how people really live all over the world: what they really think, what they really eat, how they really behave and why.” And with a smile he adds, “Americans don’t peel potatoes!”

Finding his first job and place to live were challenging in the beginning, as he expected. And for those new to the country, he offers this advice, “Observe. Watch and learn. Try to understand how real America lives and why. Do your best to get rid of stereotypes. Listen to everyone, but always make your own judgement.”

He also offers, “Foreign-born always have something to compare with. It can be both, a curse and a blessing. Try to make it work for you, as your extra language does.”

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story, Yegor!  Learn more about Yegor and his work here.