Shared Experiences: Srithika Thodur Madapusi

Srithika Thodur Madapusi, a Senior Leadership Development Manager, came to the US to work with Cognizant Technology Solutions when her husband was transferred here for his work. Although she’s now returned to India, she spent two years working here in their Academy Division. That’s where I met and got to know Srithika, while we developed and delivered the first year of the long-running Elevate Coaching program. Though we’ve never actually met in person (yet), I’m looking forward to that changing someday when I visit India!

There were a lot of things Srithika enjoyed about being in the US; the weather, New York City’s Central Park, the museums, public transportation, and the inclusive culture. She also appreciated the sense of privacy that she said isn’t typical back home. What was most surprising to her?  “That there are sooo many Indians!! And that we could get free movie DVDs from the library!”

Interestingly, she found traveling alone in areas that weren’t as crowded to be a bit challenging, as well as using public transportation maps to get around.
Her words of advice? “While communicating, speak clearly and do ask the other person to repeat if you do not understand. Explore the city and people wholeheartedly, and do not create artificial boundaries for yourself.”  With that, she offers one last bit of wisdom… “And never take the driving test lightly.”

Srithika is also an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and instructor. The picture included here is of her in traditional dress during one of her performances! Learn more about Srithika.