Marie has been a god send for me as my Coach. She is always engaged, focused, ready to champion me and not afraid to play devil’s advocate if need be. I appreciate her compassion and steadiness and ability to point to what is really happening.

Amy AndersonProgram AdvisorThe Coaches Training Institute

In a very delicate yet persuasive manner Marie helped me to overcome doubts and allow myself a broader look, to accept the possibility of what seemed impractical or even impossible, to gain the courage for change. I’m delighted to recommend Marie as a highly skilled Coach, a real professional, and a great person.

Yegor FilonovBusiness Analyst

In addition to her uncanny ability to explore limitless perspectives to create the best solutions, Marie has an exceptional talent in bringing out the best in others. I can recall countless projects and circumstances where Marie was able to deftly architect solid solutions to complex problems while engaging, motivating, and inspiring participants, customers, and subject matter experts far beyond expectations. Coupling this all-too-rare ability to bring out the best in the “projects” and the “people” with Marie’s steady professional demeanor and unwavering dedication made her an absolute “go to” person for me.

Steven SebestyenOwnerApex Consulting

Marie is very passionate about what she does and also ignites the passion in you to become a better leader. Her commitment and integrity kept me engaged and more active during the sessions. I am so impressed with her style of coaching that I have started adopting some of them at my work place. I give due credit to her for that. It was a pleasure knowing you and working with you!

Elvis JosephIT Manager

Working with Marie has helped me to move past blocks that have tripped me up for years. She has challenged me to alter patterns that do not serve me, encouraged me to have greater faith in my own abilities, and helped me to remain engaged in a process that has overwhelmed me in years past.  With her assistance I have been able to articulate a vision of the type of work that inspires and interests me and to begin to imagine the process for making this vision a reality. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy working with her.  She infuses her coaching with wit, wisdom, play and humor!

Theresa St.John-SiegelOperations Manager, Yoga Instructor

I approached coaching with some skepticism and apprehension. In a very short time, Marie was able to establish a safe, comfortable alliance and provide helpful alternative perspectives for me to consider as I tackled a challenging issue. Her deliberate, yet considerate manner enabled me to generate goals and plans that had more relevance than ever before. I am impressed with Marie’s intelligence, compassion and integrity. I offer my highest endorsement.

Mark S. BraunsdorfPh.D.

I have had the privilege of having Marie as a Life / Career Coach. My sessions with her were always informative. Marie brought a fresh perspective on things we take for granted both professionally and personally. Her approach to these sessions was always aimed at helping me uncover my hidden potential, areas of improvement, etc. Marie has a very collaborative approach to these sessions. As my sessions with her progressed, I found that she found ways I could improve as an individual, without making me question / challenge my core beliefs. I value these sessions very much, and would recommend Marie to anyone who wishes to enhance their personal and professional outlook.

Ramesh PadmanabhanProject Manager