Marie has been a god send for me as my Coach. She is always engaged, focused, ready to champion me and not afraid to play devil’s advocate if need be. I appreciate her compassion and steadiness and ability to point to what is really happening.

Amy AndersonProgram AdvisorThe Coaches Training Institute

In a very delicate yet persuasive manner Marie helped me to overcome doubts and allow myself a broader look, to accept the possibility of what seemed impractical or even impossible, to gain the courage for change. I’m delighted to recommend Marie as a highly skilled Coach, a real professional, and a great person.

Yegor FilonovBusiness Analyst

I approached coaching with some skepticism and apprehension. In a very short time, Marie was able to establish a safe, comfortable alliance and provide helpful alternative perspectives for me to consider as I tackled a challenging issue. Her deliberate, yet considerate manner enabled me to generate goals and plans that had more relevance than ever before. I am impressed with Marie’s intelligence, compassion and integrity. I offer my highest endorsement.

Mark S. BraunsdorfPh.D.

If it wasn’t for Marie, I would not be the leader that I am. Marie has a knack for calling people forth and not allowing them to play small. That is exactly what she did for me as a Coach. She worked with me and would not let me off the hook. The result was participation in a 10 month leadership program that has brought me international contacts and an opportunity to create and conduct a workshop in Holland. If you are looking for a Coach who can see greatness and help you overcome hurdles to that success, Marie is the one.

Michael “Ambassador” Bruny, MS, CPCCEntrepreneur/Founder of Run the Point Enterprises

Marie has a keen ability to establish a positive outlook, and provides great insight in how to move forward.

Josh FitzpatrickProject Manager/Business Analyst

I approached Marie’s Elevate coaching program with “unfounded” skepticism, not sure what to expect being a first of its kind. During the course of the coaching program, I was pleasantly surprised with the openness, trust and great communication that ensued. Very subtly, Marie was guiding me to my positives to reinforce the positive spirit and energy and be aware of the mental “locks”. Great experience and I would definitely recommend her coaching sessions to everyone.

Sai PuvvadaAccount Manager

Marie has offered our organization her coaching services including consulting advice on the design and development of the program. Her superlative levels of commitment, enthusiasm and intelligence is an asset to any organization that she chooses to serve. The feedback has been intensely positive. Her professionalism, intellect, genuine appreciation of multiple perspectives and open mindedness is inspiring.

Srithika Thodur MadapusiLearning Specialist Cognizant Technology Solutions

I have had the privilege of having Marie as a Life / Career Coach. My sessions with her were always informative. Marie brought a fresh perspective on things we take for granted both professionally and personally. Her approach to these sessions was always aimed at helping me uncover my hidden potential, areas of improvement, etc. Marie has a very collaborative approach to these sessions. As my sessions with her progressed, I found that she found ways I could improve as an individual, without making me question / challenge my core beliefs. I value these sessions very much, and would recommend Marie to anyone who wishes to enhance their personal and professional outlook.

Ramesh PadmanabhanProject Manager

Marie impressed me with her knowledge of coaching elements and the way she guided me through the journey of discovering and empowering client partner relationships. Her coaching brought many implicit and explicit changes in me that resulted in a lot of tangible success for a very big customer project! Marie constantly motivated me to take on bigger and newer challenges and never to give up or to take the easy way out. It was a pleasure to take the coaching sessions with Marie and I would definitely recommend Marie for coaching needs!

Kanchana ChandrasekaranProject Manager

Marie conducted Cognizant Technologies Solutions People Management Training Initiative. It was a privilege to work with Marie, her expertise and insights were pivotal in my development as a team lead and the projects I have executed. She is a true professional with exceptional leadership and people management skills, a Coach and a good mentor.

Malcolm PereiraAssistant Project Manager