Marie BankutiMarie Bankuti is a high-energy, Co-Active Leadership, Team, and Relationship Systems Coach who has built her career on a commitment to excellence and continuous learning. Her passion is working with emerging leaders, especially in the Information Technology sector, around bringing their very best to their work, while creating engaged, productive, and positive working relationships.

As Leadership Coach and Trainer, she supports professionals in exploring and defining their own resonant leadership style, while bringing their whole human selves to work. Building on individual strengths, she helps them define and realize their unique version of success. Her work is grounded in the strong belief that meaningful relationships are at the core of professional success and personal fulfillment, and that leadership is not confined to those in a particular role.  Leadership as a way of being… not as a title.

Marie also provides Relationship Systems Coaching for intact teams, business partnerships, and intimate relationships. She works with teams who are looking to maximize productivity while increasing team member positivity, by shifting perspectives and providing practices for deep democracy, where all voices in a system are heard and honored, for avoiding toxic communication styles, and for navigating effectively through conflict. Partnerships and couples learn to appreciate and build on what’s working for them, and develop ways to speak about and shift those areas where things feel stuck or misaligned.

As Project Manager with a Business Analyst/Developer background, Marie is process and results oriented, focusing on client needs, producing results through nurturing business and technical talent. With over 28 years in Information Technology, she utilizes a collaborative, team building approach and in-depth analysis. Communicating comfortably across all levels of an organization, she possesses the ability to focus on strategic issues and take risks based on sound decisions. Her excellent leadership, mentoring, communication and problem-solving skills have inspired those she has worked with while serving in State Government, Financial, Banking, Manufacturing, Consulting and Non-Profit industries.

Marie is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Project Management Professional (PMP). She is also an Authorized Facilitator of the Team Diagnostic™ and the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment. Her Coaching and Leadership training are through the internationally respected Coaches Training Institute, Center for Right Relationship, and Team Coaching International. She graduated Magna cum Laude with a B.S. in Business Administration from Emmanuel College, and earned a Certificate in Computer Programming & Operations from Control Data Institute.