Do you ever feel as though something is holding you back?

Do you feel tethered by overwhelming expectations, previous choices, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, not enough time, stagnant career?

Are you just simply feeling stuck somehow?

Tether Free Vision is about assisting you in cutting those ties that keep you from being fully you, personally and professionally. It’s about embracing new perspectives and making choices that allow you to create your own path and to thrive in all aspects of your life… home, career, leadership, relationships, physical health, intellectual pursuits, emotional balance… finding that sweet spot that’s just right for you!

Balancing and managing all that life presents can be a real challenge, with so many competing demands on our time and energy… AND… it’s not insurmountable. The good news is… you already have all you need within you to create a life and career of fulfillment… you just need to learn how to tap into it!

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